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Crushing Hard

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Jenifer writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

I have such a huge crush on my boss!  He’s not married or anything and everyday he walks by I just get goosebumps.  When he stops and talks to me I just feel lightheaded.  And I can hardly look at him because my eyes swell up with nervous tears!  I want to let him know how I feel about him but I don’t want to be inappropriate.  I also don’t know how he feels about me.. Heeeelllp!

DEVIL’S RESPONSE:  Sounds like you have more of an allergic reaction to this man than a crush!  My advice to you is to quit before you have some kind of stroke or something.   And as far as how he feels about you.. let me put it this way.  If everytime I walked by a broad she damn near broke out in hives and had all the allergic reactions you just described I’d think she has some kinda herpa-hepa-gonno-syphil-AIDS and stay the hell away from her!!

ANGEL’S RESPONSE:  Wow your crush sounds pretty serious especially since it’s causing you all of that nervousness and anxiety.  I think you need to take a step back and really evaluate the situation after taking some MAJOR deep breaths.  Workplace relationships can be tricky.  Make a list of all the things you like about this man.  Then decide if you just admire him or if you really like him.  Picture yourself in a relationship with him and ask yourself what he would be able to provide you in a relationship and vice versa.  Then weigh out whether having a relationship with this man is worth compromising your job!  Because that will happen in some way:  whether it’s hearing gossip, having him not respond favorably thus creating an awkwardness between you, or one or both of you having to switch positions (sometimes this happens to make sure the work is not compromised by the realtionship), etc.  In the meantime keep some sort of antihistamine in your desk drawer.

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