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Judgement Day

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Thalia writes:

This wicked fat bitch at work had the nerve to judge me the other day.  She came up and butted into a conversation I was having with another co-worker of mine about my fiance and I moving in together before our wedding and she pretended to be all interested in what I was saying.  Then she asked, “So how long have you been together?” and I said, “6 months”.  Then she gave me this self-righteous, condescending look and slowly turned and walked away.  I wanted to strangle her.  I was upset with her the whole rest of the day.  Should I say something?

DEVIL’S RESPONSE:  Yeah.  Just say, “Hey you wicked fat bitch!  I’m so insecure about my decision to move in with my boyfriend that even your chunky meat faced expressions set me off so stop judging me because I can’t take it.  Next..

ANGEL’S RESPONSE:  It’s not worth it at all.  Her issues are her own and your issues are your own.  Her look might have been a response to any number of things not having anything to do with you.  Maybe she has/has had issues with a live-in situation that she was reminded of.  Maybe she has no man at all and is jealous of you.  Maybe she is upset because she’s wicked and bitchy and fat… any number of issues could have been going on in her mind.  Not your problem!  Your problem is that something as simple as a look someone gave you caused you to come unglued.  That means you really aren’t sure of your decision.  Perhaps you should make sure you’re doing the right thing and if not evaluate what needs to change for you to feel comfortable about your decision despite the reaction of others.

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