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Pick Me! Pick Me!

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Dear Deviled Angel,

I was at a club the other night and one of my favorite rappers was there in the VIP section.  The bouncer was such a hater.  My girlfriends and I were trying to get his attention and the bouncer kept trying to stand in front of us.  He was telling us to move away.  But we weren’t doing anything wrong.  We weren’t rushing the VIP section we were just standing there trying to get his attention.  Then the bouncer hit me on the arm and said, “I said move along!”  As soon as we were about to walk away the rapper noticed us and invited us into his section.  But I was really pissed about the bouncer putting his hands on me.  Do I have a right to sue?


I don’t know!!!!  Shit… This is an advice column not a friggin law firm!  Call a lawyer.  The bouncer probably thought y’all were some ho’s trying to get paid and was trying to protect that man’s money.  I hate table rats anyway.  You make good honest independent women look bad.  So I’m not even mad you got slapped in the arm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Unless you were blocking a pathway or an entrance/exit or posing a hazard in some other way that bouncer was totally out of line!  Whatever his personal issues were/are there is no need for him to have slapped your arm.  I would certainly file a complaint with the club and/or seek legal council.  Bouncers are there to protect not to harass!

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