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Kenya writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

My best friend who is a male and who I am secretly in love with has a crush on my friend Keisha.  Everytime we talk he asks me about her.  The way his voice changes when he mentions her name and the look in his eye makes my heart sink.  I wish he would be like that when he says my name or talks about him and me being together.  I can hardly face my girlfriend because I actually find myself getting angry with her for no reason and I’m starting to hate even hearing her name because it reminds me that the guy I want doesn’t want me.  How can I change his mind?


Don’t try to change his mind.  Change yours.  Here let me help, “KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA KEISHA…” After about the 11th Keisha it should have sunk in that you’re not the one.  Now you can move on.  You’re welcome.


There are a million and one ways to turn a man’s head.  But in the end he remembers his heart.  If you were to be sneaky and try to steal his attention and his heart is not really with you it would be short lived.  My advice to you is to let your male friend know how you feel and let him know that you respect his choice but would prefer under the circumstances that you not be his sounding board regarding his feelings for your girlfriend.  He should understand.  And trust that someone is out there who feels just as strongly about you and in the right time your paths will cross.


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