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Deal Breakers

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Moisha writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

I have a wonderful man in my life.  He’s a great guy and I would say his good qualities definitely outweigh his bad qualities hands down.  BUT his bad qualities happen to be my deal breakers.  I’m trying to reconcile breaking up with such a good guy.  I’d hate to miss out on him being in my life but I can’t see myself settling in terms of my deal breakers…not for the long haul.


Ladies and gentlemen meet the new muppet:  MISS PICKY!!!!   I wonder what he has to put up with from you?.. The problem with women is that they want a man to be perfect from the start when they’re far from perfect themselves.  Go ‘head on and dump Mr. Good Guy and wait for Mr. PERFECT.  I wish your ungrateful ass the best of luck!


2 questions:  1) Are you willing to sacrifice the other wonderful things for your deal breakers (that might be what you get with another guy who meets your deal breaker requirements)?  2) Are you sure the person you are with is unable to grow and meet the requirements of your deal breakers in time (sometimes they don’t start out perfect but if you give them space and time you realize that they are in fact right for you)?  3)  Are your deal breakers reasonable (sometimes we set expectations that are impossible to reach which is a way of sabotaging our own success in career and relationships)?…  There is nothing wrong with holding out for what you want and getting exactly that.  If you take some time to have an honest look at your mate and deal breakers and answer these questions honestly you will discover your answer.  If you decide not to have him in your life as a partner you could continue with a friendship.  That way you can enjoy the wonderful person he is without worrying about the deal breakers.

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