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Facebook Frenemies

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Maryn writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

An old frenemy recently reached out to me on Facebook.  It’s been years since we were acquainted but I just remember her being constantly competitive, unsupportive, disloyal and critical.  I don’t know if she’s changed or not but I’m in a great space and just don’t care to let her back into my life either way.  Am I wrong?


You betcha you’re wrong!  And bad and selfish and inferior and everything you do sucks!  And you’ve clearly forgotten that.  But thank goodness your frenemy has resurfaced to remind you!!…  I mean I’m just shaking my head wondering why you let the bitch “in” in the first place?!?!


Absolutely not!  You have a right to live your life in exactly the way that makes you happiest.  I recommend forgiving the person for the negative energy she sent your way for your own emotional health.  But the wonderful thing about forgiveness is it’s really more for you than for the other person:  meaning you can forgive and completely move on.  Whether or not this person has changed if the thought of them in your life gives you any kind of anxiety or stress KEEP THEM OUT!

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