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Natacia writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

So I’m on my way to pick up my friend from the airport and his flight is delayed so I pull into the parking lot of fast food joint because everybody knows you can’t wait on the curb at the airport.  So I pull into one of like 10 handicap spaces and am talking to a friend on the phone while I wait.  I happen to have a temporary handicap placard but didn’t bother putting it up because I was sitting in my car.  Well this old guy sitting in a van next to me gets out and literally leans around to look and see if I have a placard.  I ignore him.  Then he walks around and knocks on my window and asks me to roll it down and says to me, “You’d better put your handicap placard up because the police give tickets here.  You do have a handicap placard don’t ya?”  I’m rolling my eyes but I grab my placard and hang it up.  Then the jerk has the nerve to ask, “Well do you have the letter that goes with it?  Because a lot of people forge or steal handicap placards.”  I felt like he was implying that I forged or stole my placard and I think he was being racist and agist because A) I’m young and black  B) He didn’t pass that advice on to anyone else who pulled into any of the spaces.  I’m so annoyed by people assuming they’re owed an explanation about my handicap pass just because I’m not cryp-walking when I get out of my car!! AAARRRGGHHH!!!  What do I do about that.  I’m ready to punch the next person who does that in the face!!



Well there you have it!  The next time someone asks you about your handicap placard lean over as if you’re about to rummage through your glove compartment.  Pretend you’ve found it and say, “Here it is!” Then as they lean in for a look use that spring-back force to punch the pig-snot out of ‘em.  Really put your whole torso into it!  Just make sure you’ve got your foot on the gas if it’s a cop.


Unfortunately so many people misuse handicap placards and plates and it infuriates those who are legitimately handicapped.  However it is equally disturbing to feel the need to justify a legitimate placard to someone who is a non-authority simply because your handicap is not obvious to them.  My suggestion is to let the next person know how upsetting it is to be constantly questioned about your placard or to simply ignore them unless the person is a proper authority.

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