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Numbers Game

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Sarifa writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

A close girlfriend of mine told me about a guy that was into her that she never went out with because her father hated him.  Well she and I went to a party and the guy was there and started hitting on me.  I certainly was not interested especially since he’d tried to talk to my friend.  But I didn’t want to betray my friend by telling the guy that I knew he’d tried to talk to her.  So I just kinda shrugged off his advances.  He wouldn’t let up so finally just to get him to leave me alone (and with every intention of deleting it) I let him put his number in my phone.  I told my friend everything that happened as well while we were still at the party.  She seemed a little irritated by it all and said she’d rather not discuss it.   I didn’t like how she felt so I went up to the guy and let him have it.  I told him that I knew he’d tried to talk to my friend, that I thought it was shady and that the only reason I took his number was to be polite but that it didn’t even make sense to take it since I was never going to call.  Then I deleted his number right in front of him.  I told him that being polite to him wasn’t worth me putting my friend in an awkward position.  I know that my intentions were good from the start but is there somewhere in that scenario that I was wrong?


Well unless you’re a dirty, creepy, skeezy whore who secretly had every intention of going out with a guy your friend told your insecure ass was into her 1st but you did it just to get some validation… then no… you’re good


I believe your intentions were good.  But your mistake was in taking the guy’s number in the 1st place.  Even if you wanted to be polite your best bet would have been to politely decline the number from the start instead of taking it to get rid of him.  Good intentions or not that behavior just looks suspicious.  Perhaps you can find some way to let your friend know that you recognize this.


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