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Shawshank Revenge

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Solomon writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

Man, my girl is trippin man.  I tell her my needs sexually and she don’t fulfill it.  Sometime I have to force it.  She get mad at me but may[be] 2 – 3 days she get over herself and everythings ok.  Normally if I force it she don’t fight me on it.  But last time she say no and I force it she fight me on it.  So this time [was] moreso physical than usual.  I feel bad after.  I don’t want to hurt her.  She normally don’t fight me and this time she fight me.  Now she not talking to me.  Normally 2-3 days this time 2 weeks.  I send her flowers and still nothing.  I call and leave message apologize for hit her.  She not responding man!


Ummm…  … W.O.W.!!!! Ok we in America call that RAPE and she’s probably not speaking to you because she finally got tired of being raped, wised up and left your criminal ass!  You are what we call an ASSHOLE who we hope winds up spending the rest of his life getting ASS-RAPED in jail by someone who is strong enough to overpower you.  You need to know how that feels.  And I hope you get to know over and over and over and over again! #ShawshankRedemptionStyle.  If she were writing in instead of you my advice to her would be to call 911 and have your dumb rapist ass hauled off to jail.  Do not pass “GO”; do not collect $200.00; but go straight to jail!!!  But since she didn’t and you were stupid enough to admit that shit then hopefully you’re stupid enough to take the following advice:  KILL YOURSELF!


You should truly be ashamed of yourself.  There’s just no way around it.  What you did was extremely wrong and your writing in may be a subconscious cry for deeper help not just a request for advice.  Nowhere and in no way is what you did ok.  You do NOT force yourself on anyone else (man, woman, child, elder).  When you hear the word “NO” it should be a trigger in your mind to stop.  No matter how strong your “needs” are or how much you desire a person: NO means NO.  And if you’re from another country whatever word translates to NO means NO!!  If she has not reported you to the authorities (which for her sake, your sake and the sake of any other women you may be a danger to) you should definitely turn yourself in.  Then ask for help.  You obviously do not make good choices and this is a serious problem especially since your bad choices affect other people negatively.  There are licensed, trained therapists, counselors and treatment centers in every city and you should find one to accommodate your specific issues and get the help you so desperately need.

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