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Happy 2013 to all of our followers!

We would like to thank all of our loyal readers, subscribers and fans who keep this blog up and running (Suckers!)!  Because of your loyalty we have had 3 successful years of blogging, advising and providing Laugh-Out-Loud entertainment (funny.. I kinda thought it was because we were over here working our ASSES OFF!).

Everybody knows the Devil can be a little out-of-pocket with his advice (hmmm…yet they keep coming baaack…) .  But hey, that’s the fun of it (no I’M the fun of it.. you’re uptight!)!  And that’s why we have the Angel to counterbalance (F&%$ you Ms. High-And-Mighty)

For 2013 we make this pledge to our loyal supporters (word is bond, yo!):

The Deviled Angel will never stop (though we are fans of hiatus).

The Deviled Angel will not succumb to any pressures to taper or otherwise revise it’s opinions, blog entries, language or advice (yeah so shut your pie-hole!).

The Deviled Angel has a responsibility to itself as a corporation and team to advise at it sees fit (we’ll say whatever the Eff we want to);  and to provide entertainment for all who enjoy reading our blog (talk about cheap dates).

We here at The Deviled Angel Inc. sincerely invite anyone who does not like the content of this blog to discontinue reading it (Just pretend you walked in on your parents and shut the damn door!).

Finally, folks remember this is entertainment (is that what the kids are calling it these days?).  And this is just one of many avenues (feel free to take a hike if you don’t like this one…pun intended)!  If you like our content keep stopping by.  If not we wish you all the best (kill yourself).  But the “Bitching and Moaning” office is hereby closed indefinitely (…  …)!

**NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in parenthesis are not the views of the Angel** (yeah…bite me!)

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