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Nania Business

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Nania writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

There’s a lady in my neighborhood who thinks it’s a good idea to sit in her car in the mornings and give herself a full, old-fashioned straight-razor shave:  I mean bowl, soapy water, towel and everything.  Besides it being terribly odd it’s also confusing to my little girl whom I walk to the bus stop in the mornings.  The lady’s car is usually parked on the street so she’s in plain view.  My little girl asked me the other day if she would have to shave when she gets bigger!  I feel I should say something.  But what? Please advise.


You can march right up to that lady’s car window and pull a Nancy-Grace-saves-the-neighborhood-kids-from-absolutely-nothing stunt if  you want to! But my hunch is that shortly after that your daughter’s new question will be, “Mommy, will I look like The Joker when I get older too?” Because best believe that any broad who has the balls to sit out in broad daylight and straight-raze herself… WILL.  CUT.  YOU.   #MissCelie


You sound like a bit of a mean girl.  You have no idea what the lady’s experience is.  Her car could be the only place she doesn’t feel embarrassed to shave.. It’s no different than walking past someone’s window and seeing something unsightly.  You choose whether or not to look.  The fact of the matter is that we share this world with all kinds of people and tolerance is just as important as communication.  Tolerate the lady’s behavior for the sake of being neighborly and communicate with your daughter that it’s no big deal.  Honestly this lady is hurting no one:  she’s not nude, she’s not being belligerent or disturbing the peace (though you seem anxious to disturb hers), she’s on/in her own her own property and she did not invite you or your little girl to watch her or pass judgement.  So don’t.

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