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Take a Number

Korrine writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

I was in a coffee shop the other day and a weirdo guy walked up to me and started talking NON-STOP.  He was totally in my personal space and didn’t seem to get it when I was throwing signals like fastballs for him to leave me alone.  Like he would say something and I’d mutter, “Uh huh, yeah sure” and turn my back on him like the scones were super interesting.  But he didn’t leave, DID NOT STOP TALKING  and even had the nerve to ask for my phone number.  I told him I didn’t give out my number but he could Facebook me, thinking that would make him go away.  It did… for like 5 minutes.  Then he returned WITH HIS COMPUTER asking why he couldn’t find me???  I just don’t know what to say to a guy I’m not interested in to get rid of him without being a total bitch!  Any suggestions.


It’s not about being a bitch it’s about not bitchin’ up when it comes to taking care of business!!  First off grow a pair.  The next time somebody comes up all in your personal space trying to holler and get your number and you’re not digging him just say, “Look, Fudge-pack, talking to you is like zippin’ up my jeans and catching a tuft of pubes along the way!  So why the Eff– would I subject myself to further pain by opening the door for future conversation with you?!”  (**NOTE**:   not a single curse word was used in the formation of the quoted statement… yes I’m patting myself on the back).


Well it’s always best to be straight forward yet polite.  A simple, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”  Or “I’m really not interested, sorry.”  is a great start.  But to avoid explanation you could use the “I have a boyfriend and I don’t think he’d appreciate that…and no I don’t cheat” or “Look I’m very religious and I just don’t think that’s what Jesus would do” lines.  Then simply walk away thus leaving no room for discussion.

Why r Bad girls so much fun?…They even look at u like “I want to consume u”…..went to a get together last nite and one of de home girls was like I don’t understand why you guys like [bad girls]? I was like hey they r fun as hell ANYTHING GOES with them…..and they know better not to ask us for a ring…..problem is I Think I may have found a “good one” but still like a bad girl tho.


Hmmm…  I’muna give you 2 out of 10 points for your communication level and 12 out of 10 if a guy like you can even attract a “good girl”.


It’s natural to be attracted to naughty things because they provide an instant, albeit brief escape or pleasure.  Unfortunately that’s why there’s so much addiction in this world: junk food, drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.  However, it’s important to think long-term before succumbing to any vice.  In your case ask yourself some important questions like: 1)Is the bad girl worth jeopardizing my relationship with my good girl?  2)  Would I be able to take the bad girl to family reunions and still keep my head up  3)  Will the bad girl be a good mother to my children, etc.  Answer honestlyand then make a grown up decision as to what you really want in your life.