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Jason writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

My boy’s girl tried to get at me a few weeks ago and I shut it down.  I told my boy and he completely flipped the script on me.  He said he couldn’t trust me and hasn’t said two words to me since.  He and the girl are still together and I saw her out at the club all over another dude just last week.  I didn’t bother to say anything to my boy because he wasn’t speaking to me…  Well a few days ago I got a car and since we live on a college campus where you can only have cars starting sophomore year I was the first of my friends to get one.  The day after I got my car my boy reaches out to me saying he can’t believe it’s been so long since we talked and we should just squash the beef between us, then asked if he could borrow my car!!  Am I missing something or does that seem a little dirty?


If you call the inside of the toilet in a one-bathroom, 12-bedroom (double-occupancy), Frat-house after the end of a senior year party “a little dirty”  then yes; your boy’s behavior is  ”a little dirty”.  Tell him to grow some balls,  dump that whore; and if he’s having trust issues practice doing trust-falls with an imaginary friend on the sidewalk!  He should kick rocks.  You don’t need his a$$.


I think your Spidey-senses are correct.  Your friend sounds a bit insecure:  he’s putting up with a girl who only seems to be with him until she finds the BBD (Bigger, Better Deal).  Otherwise she would not have tried to talk to you and you would not have seen her draped on someone else at the club.  Also because your boy waited until you had something material that was appealing to him to reach out to you and reconcile your friendship it seems a bit disingenuous and opportunistic.  If this is a pattern that you’ve noticed in his interactions with others then perhaps this is who he really is and you don’t need people like that around you.  However if this behavior is totally new to you then maybe you could sit him down and talk to him about it.  Let him know how it made you feel and perhaps give him a do-over.

Bryan writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

My girlfriend has been eating like a horse since like the second week we dated.  I see that she’s gaining weight too.  I asked her a couple of times why she was eating so much and she told me she was having a “Fat Girl” day.  BOTH TIMES.  Now I’ve heard of this and I know girls have it but exactly how many “Fat Girl” days a month do they have??!!  My girlfriend is doing like 20!!  I want to be compassionate but I also don’t want to date a whale!  I mean I met her skinny.. is it too much to ask that she stay skinny??


Sounds like Ms. Orca is not having “Fat Girl Days”  she’s in a “Fat Girl Daze”!  But you’re right!  If you met her a certain way physically then she should try to maintain that.  The key here is compassion though.   So you should have her over for a heart-to-heart chat and just say, “Look, honey.  You’re turning into a lard-ass and that’s just not what I want to be with.  Either snap out of this ‘Fat Girl Daze’  and shape up or you’re gonna get shipped out with the next traveling circus. Ok?”  Make sure you smile.  Everything goes down better with a smile!


“Fat Girl” Day is a politically incorrect (and sometimes offensive) way of describing a “cheat day” for dieters or just a relaxed day of eating whatever you want without any caloric concern.  There’s no rule as to how many days per month is appropriate but if it seems inordinate as per her usual eating habits then it might be a sign that your girlfriend is going through something (i.e. sadness, depression, anxiety, stress).  Perhaps you should gently bring it to her attention and ask if there is something going on that you could help her with.  Let her know your concern is less about how much she’s eating and more about what’s causing it.  You want her to be okay first and the eating habits will adjust accordingly.