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They Say…

Sierra writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

I have a co-worker that incessantly criticizes me about everything from my clothes to how I do my work.  But she’s super slick about it.  She always tries to make it seem like someone else is saying it and she’s just delivering the message.  For example she’ll say, “You know they say you shouldn’t wear such short skirts to work because it tempts the male co-workers” or “They’re saying you should probably not have those figurines on your desk because they’re a bit juvenile”.  The thing is this imaginary “they” she keeps referring to… I KNOW IT’S HER!!  She’s the one who has a problem with me!  She’s not my supervisor or my superior in any way.  She’s just a jealous old lady with cankles and a triple-chin who hates me because I’m young and vibrant.  I want her off my back!  Give me something good!


cankles [cayn-kuhls] – fat legs in which the calf seamlessly flows right into the ankle with no significant definition between the two parts of the leg; making the leg look stump-ish.  usually seen in extremely obese people.

The next time this ridiculous woman comes over to criticize, cut her off right after she says the words “they say” and say to her, “Well you know what else they say?  They say that sending a fat, canklic, triple-chin having geriatric cow to deliver mean messages gets the messenger slapped in her frickin’ face!  So the next time they say something to you I suggest you keep it to yourself!!”

Angel’s Response: