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Laurette writes:

Dear Deviled Angel,

The month of April so far has been filled with test after test for me.  Most every test has revolved around men as well:   the challenge of dealing with an ex-boyfriend throwing his infidelity in my face; the new guy I was dating cutting me off because of his insecurities about my being better off financially; the old fling who’d gotten married and moved away but called me up to see if there was any chance we could have an affair while he was back in town for a week.  And these were just a few of the crazy issues I’ve had only since April 1st:  disheartening to say the least!  My 1st instinct was scream out to the universe, “Why are you tormenting meeee!!!!”, then to cut men off completely and become a nun.  There has to be a reason for all of these cosmic tests.  What did I do wrong to attract such bums and what is the universe trying to tell me?


Funny you should ask..  I just got off the phone with the universe and he told me to tell you that perhaps you should stop dating guys who were former studio audience members of the Jerry Springer Show.  He would have left the message himself but you were too busy being stupid.


Normally people pore over a specific situation and get depressed, upset, sad, vindictive.  But what if you looked at these situations as the universe  affirming your choices to get out of those particular relationships.  These guys are spilled milk.  Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out their psychology.  Why they’ve behaved this way has nothing to do with you.  So let their issues remain their issues.  Just keep giving each new relationship your best effort.  Work on perfecting the delicate balance of learning from your previous relationships while not bringing the old baggage into new situations.  And before you know it you’ll be Mrs. Right!